Finding Community

Finding Community.

One of the healthiest aspects of our lives is our community, the people and groups of people who are important to us. The folks we connect to and the folks who connect to us. The folks who support us and help us when we need them. Make of list of your community or community groups. It could be dear friends, a club, a book club, a church group, a sports or gym group, a yoga class, a happy hour group, whatever group who helps you to be more fully you.

Then free-write about this:

What gives you the greatest sense of community in your life? Where do you love to be? Who helps you to have fun, to laugh, to think, and to be the person you need to be.  Explore your thoughts on community.


Later come back and read what you have written and ask yourself—how can I help to enrich “community” in my life and in the lives of others? Is there a community group I want to support more? To learn from? To help?