Six Storycatching Activities—
Positive Writing for Personal Well-Being

With gratitude for all you do–here are six writing tools and prompts.

These activities can help you, clients, and students to enhance self-understanding and to write for positive growth and well-being.

  •   Storycatching Survey—Exploring Your Stories that Matter

  •   Your Story Matters—Writing Story for Well-Being

  •   Growth Clusters—How to Wire Yourself with Positive Vibes

  •   Positive Writing—Creating a Personal Growth Story

  •   Positive Strengths Exercise—Overcoming the Inner Critic

  •   A Strength You Carry—Celebrating You!

With joy and appreciation,

Sandra Marinella

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Sandra Marinella

This free gift was created by the Director of The Story You Need to Tell Project . . .

Sandra Marinella, M.A., M.Ed, is an award-winning writing teacher and author.  When she faced cancer, she wrote The Story You Need to Tell—Writing to Heal from Trauma, Illness, or Loss. This acclaimed guide on writing through difficulties and learning to use the transformational power of storytelling is research-based and widely taught. Her classes at Mayo Clinic have been lauded for the success of her methods. She teaches, speaks on, and fully believes in the power of writing and story to heal, grow, and transform our lives. Learn more at

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