Happy Writing

April 2017 – Writing Prompt
If you want a timely prompt, here is one I have adapted from the inspiring work of my friend and author, Judy Reeves:

Spring is a time of renewal and change. Before we can begin anew, we need to clear out the debris in the our gardens — or in our lives! What do you need to clean out or release in order to make way for a time of change and renewal? Write for ten minutes — or more! (See Judy’s in-depth activity at http://judyreeveswriter.com/the-lively-muse-blog/)

May 2017 – Writing Prompt
Research keeps showing us the power of gratitude. To start your day out with joy, spend ten minutes writing (or thinking) about what or who you are thankful for. Explore what happens when your mind embraces an attitude of being grateful. My favorite site for exploring gratitude in depth is  http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/topic/gratitude. Enjoy!

June 2017 – Writing Prompt
Often a word pulls thoughts and memories from us. Find a comfortable spot. Choose a word from the list below and begin to write. If you have chosen the wrong word, pick another.  If you get stuck, simply write “I am stuck” until your brain kicks in. Write freely for five or more minutes. Then reflect on your writing. What have you discovered or learned?
            Anger                         Fear
            Pain                            Loss 
            Hope                          Resilience
            Love                            Peace
            Friendship                Connection
And make a list of new words that you want to explore at a later time.

July 2017 – Writing Prompt
My dearest, oldest, best friend, Janis Frazee, recently sent me a copy of The Book of Joy by his Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.These world famous, wisdom-makers share the research of a well-known neuroscientist, Richard Davidson. Davidson holds that there are four brain circuits that allow us to have a “happy brain.” They are:

  • our ability to maintain a positive state
  • our ability to recover from negative states
  • our ability to focus and avoid mind-wandering
  • our ability to be generous

Choose one of these brain circuits and explore this one ability. How does it work in your life? Do you agree that it leads to happiness? Has it led to your happiness? What do you believe is important about this ability? Explain.

August 2017 – Writing Prompt
Writing can help us slow down and experience the moment. Find a quote or two lines from a song or poem you love. Then find a comfortable spot under a tree, in a comfy chair, or by a pool. Take your selected lines and read and reread them. What do you find? What images capture your mind? What meaning comes from these words? Write for five or more minutes. Then reflect on what you have discovered. Write more if you are inspired. Here are two lines from Ellen Bass’s poem, “The Thing Is.” You can use them if you like

          to love life, to love it even
when you have no stomach for it.

September 2017 – Writing Prompt
Treasured Moments. Think of a time or a moment in your life that you value and remember well. What happened? Write about it. Savor it.  It is a precious moment to hold.

After you write about this experience, think about sending your writing to someone who shared this moment with you. Whether you send it or not, you may want to make a collection of treasured moments. Keep them somewhere special. This may be a gift to give someone in your family or it may be a gift you give yourself to help you write your next story or book.  Happy writing.